Hayate is built upon almost a century of experience in designing equipment for traditional martal arts.

Hayate is the result of the efforts of two Japanese companies, passionate about manufacturing and developing equipment for martial arts. Mituboshi lends its manufacturing expertise to the production Hayate karate-gi, while Tozando acts as the brand’s exclusive distributor; offering its fast and efficient service to practitioners around the world.

Mituboshi has spent more than half a century acquiring and improving its know-how in making martial arts equipment, our Hayate brand products are made directly in the Japanese factories of Gifu and Iwate, by our extensive team of experienced tailors.


The Mitsuboshi factories in Gifu and Iwate

Based in Kyoto, Tozando has been manufacturing martial arts equipment since 1989 and distributing to more than 70 countries all over the globe, with the aim of offering the best equipment that Japanese craftsmanship can offer, all through an innovative and fast service. Tozando is not just an internet sales company, they also have three shops in Kyoto and two showrooms.

Shinjuku and Kyoto showrooms

Mitsuboshi and Tozando have brought you the Hayate - a brand of unfirom made specifically for Karateka. To keep our equipment at the forefront of performance, we are always listening to active practitioners, so do not hesitate to inform us of your ideas, comments regarding what you want your karategi to be. This spirit of exchange is enshrined in our motto “New challenges, together."