Karate uniforms born from the collaboration of Japan’s SKILLS

High density gives great sound

Takeyari, a factory making HAYATE Karate uniform's fabric.
Kurashiki, Okayama, is located in an ideal natural environment for textile manufacturing, and is home to a historical canvas maker, TAKEYARI. They have succeeded in blending their knowledge, specialized skills and sensitivity to create a top-quality canvas for karate gear. Their commitment to traditional Japanese culture enabled this new production. The key to weaving high density canvas for karate gear was choosing the weaver. Top level skills gave birth to this high-density canvas.

White like no other

A factory making HAYATE Karate uniform the signature white.
The skills of traditional artisans can adjust the texture of the material to improve the quality of the karate wear. This is done carefully at factories that handle hemp. The process is repeated many, many times, which transforms the fabric into a whiter and stronger material.

Traditional Sewing Skills

a factory tailoring HAYATE Karate uniform
HAYATE Karate Uniforms are born from two factories – one in Kuji City in Iwate Prefecture and the other in Hashima City in Gifu prefecture – which are 877 km apart. The traditional sewing skills is something Japan can boast to the world about and is worthy of the [MADE IN JAPAN] tag. The [MADE IN JAPAN] tag displayed by Mitsuboshi, who have continued to make martial arts gear, is a sign of our pride in creating something truly Japanese.