Yo-hachijo Karate Black Obi Belt

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There are various theories regarding of the name Yo-hachijo for this fabric, but it is said that one origin is that this unique fabric was about 24 metres per piece (where 1 "jo" equals approximately 3.03 metres). Yo-hachijo’s defining quality is its high-friction surface that can be tied securely and does not slip undone easily. Because of this, it is made great use of in both Karate and Judo belts. Furthermore, the dyeing process is distinct in the high-quality of the black finish that can be achieved with this fabric.
  • 100% cotton
  • Black color
  • Size available from 2 to 6. No half size is available.
  • Integrated embroidery available
Size Length(cm)
2 235
3 255
4 275
5 295
6 315